I’m a photographer based in Rhode Island & New Jersey, but I have called Colorado, South Carolina, Massachusetts, and Italy "home" as well throughout the years. A few things you should know about me: I went to school for Studio Art & Art Therapy, and worked in a NICU as a Child Life Specialist before moving up to Rhode Island. I love art museums, the ocean,  and everything inside Anthropologie. I let out a few happy tears behind my camera at some point during every wedding & I’m a firm believer that there’s nothing in this world sweeter than a newborn letting out a big yawn.  

My desire to pursue photography grew from my roots…

When I think of the story of who I am as a photographer and artist, little Laura is always there at the core of it. The things that brought me joy as a child were so grounded and simple and "me." They are the things I seek out in my adult life to bring me back to what matters.

  • I loved painting, drawing, taking pictures, making jewelry- anything artistic. I always wanted to be an artist.
  • I loved spending time with my family. Some of my favorite days were simple moments spent together. Days when my mom and I would try new craft projects, or playing running bases with my dad and brothers after dinner, until the night sky would take over the last drop of sunlight. Once I eventually got over the fact that I wasn’t getting a sister, I fully embraced life being the only girl.
  • I loved nights spent laughing looking through old family photo albums; I could sit for hours flipping through our baby pictures. Pictures of me “helping” my mom take care of my little brother (he was basically my real life doll for the first three years of his life), and ridiculous funny-faces that didn’t exactly match the stunning Colorado scenery surrounding us, but did show our personalities. We giggled looking through old photos of my mom and dad with 80’s hairstyles and their first dog, who was their baby before we entered their lives. Their wedding pictures were the first I ever saw.
  • And then, there was the day when we got our own dog, who became our furry little brother. A golden retriever who showed us endless love and companionship. He is tied to nearly every memory I have of growing up.

Those pure, childhood joys undoubtedly inspire my art and what moments I seek to preserve for other people. I want my photos to be natural and grounding. To communicate the love and truth and connection that writes your story. From wedding vows to brand new babies and little kids that grow up too fast, it's important to capture it all. 

 I hope that these photos remind you and your family about what is truly important. I hope they inspire a sense of gratitude for the little things. And I hope they will eventually find a physical home in your family photo albums, where they will be flipped through and cherished, time and time again.

Thanks for trusting me with such an important job.



Photo Credit to one of my photography idols:  The More We See

Photos of Laura shot by The More We See